PMI Youth Programs

 Homeless to College (H2C) was created to assist young adults (17-24) who are transitioning from homelessness to re-establish themselves within the community or within the college setting. H2C is an eighteen-month program that will assist these individuals in a variety of ways including, but not limited to life skills/ADL, job training, resume’ writing, professional work development, GED readiness, college readiness, and networking. 



Accepting The Differences /Learning Yourself

Positive Movement Diversity Summit is a four-week life enrichment youth program for elementary, middle, and high school children, Grade 4th-12th.  The program provides support in life skills, coping and accepting of differences within society, and cultural awareness.  Additionally, the program includes recreational activities such as arts and crafts, theater, symphonies,  movies, sports and other activities. The youths will have the opportunity to participate in an oral debate. The winner will be featured in the Positive Movement Newsletter and will receive a $100 voucher for school supplies or clothing.  A certificate of completion will be presented at the end of each workshop, seminar or conference for each educational component mastered. All sessions will be structured to provide students with the concepts and skills needed to improve their home, classroom, school and community behaviors. 

Fees: The cost of diversity summit is $510.00 per child (lunch or dinner included). There is a 10% discount for two or more children within the same family.  A $50.00 non-refundable application fee must be paid (as soon as possible) to the Business Office to assure your child a place in the program.  (If all slots are full, your check will be refunded.)  The $50.00 application fee will be deducted from the total cost of the program. 

**Topics for discussions are determined by participants interest. Positive Movement reserves the right to change the subject as needed. **

For more information:

Contact Person:
Connie Gaiter
(205) 482-1104

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The Speak Easy Youth Summit is open to participants ranging from ages 12-21 years old.
During the SEY Summit, students will attend a variety of classes, including themes on Dating, sustaining for unfavorable behaviors (drugs, drinking, etc.). We create a relaxed and safe environment to discuss subjects that affects today’s youth.

This is a NO JUDGEMENT event. 

The cost to attend SEY is $75 per person which includes dinner.